Roberto Cavalli Italian Fashion Designer, Dies Aged 83

Roberto Cavalli

Remembering Roberto Cavalli: A Tribute to a Fashion Visionary One of the fashion industry’s most prominent figures passes away in the center of Florence, a city known for its craftsmanship and beauty. The Italian couture maestro Roberto Cavalli, known for his vivid and daring designs, has had a lasting impact on the business that he … Read more

Chef Kunal Kapur Gets Divorced Due to His Wife’s Abuse

Chef Kunal Kapur

On Tuesday, celebrity chef Kunal Kapur received his divorce, citing abuse from his divorced wife. The ruling of the High Court brought to light her lack of empathy and decency toward him. Kunal Kapur’s appeal, which challenged a family court’s refusal to grant a divorce, was upheld. The appeal emphasized that, in accordance with established … Read more

H-1B Cap FY 2025: Registration Deadline & USCIS Updates

H-1B Cap

For the FY 2025 H-1B cap season, the first registration window ended on March 25, 2024. The H-1B cap for fiscal year 2025 will be reached through the random selection of a sufficient number of unique beneficiaries from submitted registrations, including the master’s cap for advanced degree exemption. The USCIS will notify all prospective petitioners … Read more

Daniel Kahneman Nobel Winning Psychologist Dies at 90

Daniel Kahneman

Daniel Kahneman :The Princeton University faculty member, who had joined in 1993, announced in a release that the Israeli-American psychologist passed away quietly on Wednesday. It was not stated why he died. The idea that people make rational decisions and that people’s behavior is primarily instinctual was disproved by Daniel Kahneman, who also authored the … Read more

How to Watch Marvel’s ‘X-Men ’97’ From Anywhere

X-Men '97

For those who were comic book fans in the 1990s, X-Men ’97 is a must-see when it releases on Disney Plus today. The wildly successful X-Men: The Animated Series, which ran for five great seasons, is being portrayed as a prequel to the new program. Millions of children were introduced to the Marvel universe through … Read more

Costco Car Rental: Is It Worth the Enrollment?

Costco Car Rental

You need go no farther than Costco to get affordable Costco car rentals. The warehouse club now offers discounted travel via the member-only Costco Travel program in addition to bulk items. In addition to reservations for hotels, cruises, and trip packages, a significant portion of that program includes automobile rentals. For Costco members, the service … Read more

10 Highest Paying Jobs With Zero Experience Required

Highest Paying Jobs

Finding a job without any experience can be difficult, even if your degree is in high demand. Getting your first job might help you build experience for your future profession and fill out your CV. Fortunately, a lot of Highest Paying Jobs positions don’t need any experience. In many cases, a college degree is not … Read more

Jennifer Lopez Reveals the Dates for Her Summer 2024 Tour, “This Is Me… Now”

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez exclusively revealed on TODAY that she is embarking on her “This Is Me…Now the Tour” this summer, coinciding with the release of her ninth studio album. The 2024 tour, which will begin in June and finish at the end of August, will visit over 30 locations throughout North America. She will perform new … Read more

Wellingborough by-election Results: Meet MP Gen Kitchen after Gigantic Swing


Gen Kitchen, the Labour candidate, defeated a huge Conservative majority to win the Wellingborough by-election with the second-largest Tory Labour swing ever. She is the first Labour MP to represent the Northamptonshire area since 2005.After winning the Kingswood by-election earlier in the evening, Labour secured a seat that former Tory MP Peter Bone who was … Read more

Who is Helen Harrison? The companion of Peter Bone participating in the Wellingborough by-election

Helen Harrison

In February, the Conservatives will compete in three difficult by elections, the most prominent of which being the Wellingborough by-election in Northamptonshire. Following the disgraced former MP Peter Bone’s retirement, the local Conservative Party has chosen Helen Harrison, his spouse, to run in his stead. A watchdog study into Wellingborough’s former MP, Peter Bone, resulted … Read more

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