Costco Car Rental: Is It Worth the Enrollment?

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You need go no farther than Costco to get affordable Costco car rentals. The warehouse club now offers discounted travel via the member-only Costco Travel program in addition to bulk items. In addition to reservations for hotels, cruises, and trip packages, a significant portion of that program includes automobile rentals. For Costco members, the service is free, but is joining the program worth the $60 annual membership fee? How Costco Travel rental cars contrast with other booking destinations, and whether it merits the cost of confirmation.

What Is Costco Car Rental?

  • For affordable automobile rental prices, Costco Travel, the members-only booking website, has partnerships with Alamo, Avis, Budget, and Enterprise. The Low Price Finder feature allows you to look for vehicle rentals across the nation if you are a current Costco member, at least 25 years old, and in possession of a valid driver’s license. What you see is what you receive because the price includes all taxes and fees. Additionally, when available, Costco Travel offers automatic reductions like 25% off base prices. This implies less time spent looking for Costco coupons. Some advantages of Costco automobile rentals are as follows:
Costco Car Rental
Credit__Costco Car Rental

• There are no cancellation costs;

• You may book now and pay later at the counter;

• There is no price for one extra driver;

• Gold Star Executive members can get a 2% yearly reward; With the Citi Costco Anywhere Visa Card, you may earn 3% in cash back rewards.

With Costco Car Rental, How Much Can You Save?

Upon doing a search for a two-day car rental that would include the same JFK Airport pick-up and drop-off location, Costco Travel provided a comprehensive list of rental possibilities from Alamo, Avis, Budget, and Enterprise. The greatest value, as determined by Costco Travel, is highlighted at the top and ends up being an intermediate vehicle (Toyota Corolla or comparable).

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The rental price included a $25 voucher and a 25% reduction off the base cost. The tabs compare this cost to the rental of a comparable model from the other brands. Here, renting from Avis can result in savings of up to $77, which is comparable to the discounts we discovered when renting other car types.

Costco Car Rental Vs. Other Travel Booking Sites

One drawback of Costco Travel is that it only has partnerships with four car rental providers, which is approximately half the amount of car rental firms that and have. This translates to less affordable rates, particularly from really frugal rental providers like Thrifty and Dollar Car Rental. To find out if Costco Travel truly offers the greatest bargain, we conducted the same search as above on all three booking websites. This is what we discovered:
• Costco Vacation: $252 with Avis
• $299 with Thrifty Car Rental; $142 with Dollar Car Rental (with a 16% Pay Now discount).

Costco Car Rental
__Costco Car Rental

Our conclusion is that while Costco Travel compares favorably to, it falls short of’s aggressive pricing offered with the 16% Pay Now discount. Because of this, it’s still advisable to check costs on many booking websites before making your next rental car.

Is Costco Car Rental Worth It?

As per our examination, Costco Travel will not necessarily be your least expensive choice for booking vehicle rentals. It is, notwithstanding, advantageous for current Costco individuals, particularly those getting the 2% yearly compensation for Leader Individuals or the 3% money back from the Costco Anyplace Visa Card by Citi. Yet, on the off chance that you’re considering getting a Costco participation exclusively to save money on vehicle rentals, you’re in an ideal situation dumping the enrollment and looking at costs across other booking locales all things considered.

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