Chef Kunal Kapur Gets Divorced Due to His Wife’s Abuse

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On Tuesday, celebrity chef Kunal Kapur received his divorce, citing abuse from his divorced wife. The ruling of the High Court brought to light her lack of empathy and decency toward him. Kunal Kapur’s appeal, which challenged a family court’s refusal to grant a divorce, was upheld. The appeal emphasized that, in accordance with established legal practice, making irresponsible, slanderous, and humiliating charges about a spouse publically amounts to cruelty.

Court order and details of divorce

Given the previously indicated facts of this case, it is clear that the respondent the wife has behaved in a way that is devoid of empathy and decency toward the appellant the husband. A panel made up of Justices Suresh Kumar Kait and Neena Bansal Krishna declared that when one spouse treats the other in this way, it tarnishes the fundamental ideals of marriage and there is no reason for subjecting the appellant to the agony of continuing such a relationship.

Married in April 2008, the pair is currently not speaking to each other. They had a kid in 2012. Kunal Kapur accused his spouse in his petition of constantly degrading him and showing disregard for his parents.

But in response, the woman filed for divorce, claiming that he had made up tales to deceive the judge. She asserted that she was faithful to her spouse and that she had always made an effort to speak with him respectfully. But she said he had lied to her and made up stories to support his divorce request.

Chef Kunal Kapur

The court stated that although disagreements will inevitably arise in marriages, the integrity of the union is jeopardized when they show disrespect and contempt for one another.
It’s important to remember that the appellant’s ascent to fame as a celebrity chef within two years of marriage is a testament to his commitment and diligence.

” It is prudent to read the respondent’s claims as an attempt to harm the appellant’s reputation in court, given the previously provided information. The judges came to the conclusion that these unfounded accusations are hurtful since they damage someone’s reputation.

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Who is Chef Kunal Kapur?

Chef Kunal Kapur is more than just a name; he’s a symbol of culinary brilliance, a master of flavor, and an inspiration to countless budding culinary artists. It is quite amazing how far he has come from modest beginnings to become a household name in the culinary industry. Let’s take a closer look at the life of this renowned chef, learning about his family, professional achievements, forays into the hospitality sector, and other topics.

Early Life of Chef Kunal Kapur

Kunal Kapur’s love for cooking began at an early age, having been born and nurtured in New Delhi, India. He was drawn to the kitchen as a child, experimenting with ingredients and recipes under his mother’s instruction, growing up in a family that valued flavorful food and meals. His future success was made possible by his family’s encouragement and support, which spurred his ambitions in the kitchen.

Chef Kunal Kapur

Training & Education of Chef Kunal Kapur

After completing his official education at the esteemed Institute of Hotel Management, Catering, and Nutrition in New Delhi, Chef Kunal Kapur embarked on his culinary career. Equipped with a strong foundation in culinary arts, he set out on an exploratory voyage to hone his abilities and become an expert chef via practical experience and further education.

Professional Benchmarks

After Chef Kunal Kapur showcased his culinary prowess on multiple platforms, his career took off. He developed a dedicated following and gained recognition as a judge on popular television shows such as “MasterChef India” due to his insightful criticism.

His TV appearances not only demonstrated his culinary prowess but also encouraged a great number of people to follow their passion for cooking.

Chef Kunal Kapur has significantly impacted the culinary scene with his restaurants and culinary events, even outside of television. His innovative approach to Indian cooking, which blends traditional flavors with modern techniques, has won him accolades from both diners and critics.  He is the proprietor of the Quarter Plate and Pincode eateries in Delhi.



Q1. Does Kunal Kapur have a restaurant?
Ans. Quarter Plate
Q2. Who is the wife of Chef Kunal Kapoor?
Ans. The Delhi High Court has granted celebrity chef Kunal Kapur and his wife Ekta a divorce.
Q3. Is Chef Kunal Kapur in the Limca Book of Records?
Ans. Yes, his name is listed for creating India’s largest Chocolate Tower
Q4. How old is Kunal Kapoor chef?
Ans. Kunal Kapur born 18 September 1979.

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