“India Reports 335 New COVID-19 Cases and 5 Deaths, New Covid-19 variant JN-1: Health Ministry Alert”

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According to the Union Health Ministry, India saw 335 new cases of COVID-19 on new Covid-19 variant JN-1.Sunday, along with five fatalities four of which occurred in Kerala and one in Uttar Pradesh.

335 new cases of corona have been reported nationwide in the past 24 hours. In Kerala, a 79-year-old lady has a new variant i.e. Covid-19 variant JN-1 found in her. Nevertheless, the woman is in perfect health and this incident occurred on December 8.

Covid-19 variant JN-1

A new strain of Corona is once again making its way across the nation, following millions of deaths. In several Indian states, the number of corona cases has increased. Following the validation of the novel Covid-19 variant JN-1 infection in Kerala, the Indian government has issued an alert.

335 new cases of corona have been reported nationwide in the past 24 hours. Five deaths in Kerala and Uttar Pradesh have been attributed to coronavirus at the same time.

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JN-1, the most recent variation of Covid-19 variant JN-1, was recently verified in Kerala. Following that, a health alert was released by the Keralan government. Concurrently, the increase in Corona cases is concerning the central government as well.

“335 new cases of Corona have been reported in the last 24 hours,” states the Union Health Ministry. As a result, there are now 1,701 active patients.

Covid-19 variant JN-1

Panic: In the past 24 hours, concerns across the nation have grown in relation to more than just Corona cases. Five more people have passed away in the past 24 hours as a result of Corona. One death has been reported in Uttar Pradesh, and four deaths have been reported in Kerala.

Covid-19 has claimed the lives of 5,33,316 people. 1.19 percent of deaths nationwide are attributable to coronavirus. The number of individuals recuperating from the infection has surged to 4.46 crore concurrently. According to the Health Ministry, 98.81 percent is the estimated national recovery rate.

WHO Alert :
Concern has been voiced by the World Health Organization (WHO) regarding the rising number of corona cases in numerous nations. The organization has asked that testing and close observation be continued in all affected countries. A video featuring Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, the global health organization’s COVID-19 technical lead, was also made available. who discussed the necessary precautions as well as the causes of the rise in Corona cases.In the nation, the Covid-19 vaccine has been administered thus far.

Covid-19 variant JN-1

The new variant Covid-19 variant JN-1

When the newest variant of Corona, JN-1, was confirmed in Singapore, the growing number of cases raised concerns throughout the world. Experts claim that this is the most hazardous and intricate variety of corona. It spreads quickly. It hasn’t been established yet, though, whether this might result in more deaths. However, recent reports indicate that this new variant has spread quickly to people in a number of nations, including China and America.

A senior representative of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) reported that a 79-year-old Keralan woman has been found to carry this novel variant. Nevertheless, the woman is in perfect health and this incident occurred on December 8. Kerala Health Minister Veena George announced on Sunday that Covid-19 variant JN-1 was the COVID-19 subvariant that was discovered in the state. Nothing to be alarmed about.

Amidst an increase in Covid-19 cases, Singapore has issued an advisory advising individuals to wear face masks in crowded areas. The estimated number of Covid-19 cases rose to 56,043 between December 3 and December 9, prompting the government to make its decision. which is 75% more than the 32,035 cases from the previous week.


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