Unleashing Soft Power: BRICS plus Fashion Summit Redefines Global Style

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BRICS plus Fashion Summit Fashion Diplomacy in the Spotlight

In a world of political ups and downs, a new kind of power is taking center stage. Soft power, expressed through culture, science, and sports, is becoming a game-changer in international relations.

BRICS plus Fashion
BRICS plus Fashion

And guess what’s playing a major role in this diplomatic dance? Fashion, the universal language that speaks louder than words, encapsulating the essence of national identities. India, with its rich cultural tapestry, vast manufacturing prowess, and modern tech savvy, is at the forefront of this exciting fashion revolution.

Global Gathering in Moscow: BRICS pluse Fashion Summit

Last week, Moscow played host to the BRICS pluse Fashion Summit, a mega event that brought together over 200 fashion influencers from 60 different countries. Imagine the fashion world’s equivalent of a United Nations meeting, but way more stylish! The summit wasn’t just about runway glamour; it was a platform for global discussions on sustainability and ethical sourcing. And guess who stole the show? The Indian delegation, standing tall as the largest contingent at the Summit.

BRICS+ Alliance: Shaping Fashion’s Future

This alliance, encompassing Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, is not just about economic collaboration; it’s a visionary move to reshape the fashion industry. The focus? Ethical norms and sustainable practices. It’s a call for a fashion evolution that aligns with humane principles and global collaboration.

BRICS plus Fashion
BRICS plus Fashion

The Fusion of Culture and Sustainability: A Fashion Extravaganza
A global summit turning into a dynamic celebration of creative expression. Forget the traditional business talk; this event transformed into a visual feast. The runway became a canvas for renowned personalities like Chen Yuy from China and David Tlale from South Africa.

India, with its burst of vibrant colors, showcased designers like Shruti Sancheti, Gaurav Khanijo, Naushad Ali, and Ritesh Kumar. And let’s not overlook the enchanting collection by Alena Akhmadullina, weaving Russian fairy tales into fabric.

Emerging Fashion Powerhouses: India, China, and Russia
Move over Paris and Milan; the new fashion power trio is India, China, and Russia. These countries are not just making waves; they’re forging stronger ties with others in the industry.

China’s shopaholic reputation, Russia’s global consumer market presence, and India’s booming manufacturing sector create a formidable alliance. The summit attracted participants from diverse corners Egypt, Argentina, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Ethiopia, making it a truly global affair.

Summit Highlights: More Than Just Runway Glamour
The summit wasn’t just a fashion show; it was a comprehensive dive into the industry. With over 60 sessions, 14 fashion shows, and a B2B showroom, it covered the entire spectrum of fashion. India, with its delegation of over 50 members, played a crucial role, envisioning a sustainable fashion future.

Showcasing India’s Fashion Heritage
Led by the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI), chaired by Sunil Sethi, the Indian delegation curated a show celebrating handloom and native craft techniques. Ritesh Kumar’s collection, infused with handwoven merino wool and pure silk, showcased India’s craftsmanship.

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Gaurav Khanijo added an Indian touch with aalta and ghungroo, while Naushad Ali used textiles incorporating block printing from Jaipur and handwoven silk, cotton, linen, and denim from Bengal.

Shruti Sancheti : Bridging Cultures Through Fashion
Shruti Sancheti, a standout at the summit, presented a season-fluid collection emphasizing sustainability. Known for her dedication to eco-friendly fashion, she beautifully combined craftsmanship and intricate embroidery.

Shruti, inspired by Russian culture, showcased her winter collection as a tribute to the elegance of Russian farmers’ attire. In her words, “The BRICS+ Fashion Summit is a melting pot of cultures and crafts, a brilliant platform for creative minds in the fashion industry.”

The Venue: The Pashkov House Extravaganza
The fashion exhibition took place at The Pashkov House, a neoclassical mansion, creating an enchanting atmosphere. Attended by global fashion enthusiasts, including Pavan Kapoor, the Indian Ambassador to Russia, the event was a fusion of ethnic music and stunning collections, setting the stage for a mesmerizing showcase.

Setting New Standards: Dialogue and Redefining Fashion
Beyond the glamour, the summit aimed to foster dialogue and redefine the fashion industry. With over 45 public sessions, discussions ranged from conscious consumption to entrepreneurship in fashion.

Sharma Aishwarya, India’s first fashion activist, emphasized how media and influencers inspire conscious consumption. Actresses Pavleen Gujral and Anusha Viswanathan brought a Bollywood perspective, while industry heads explored the intricacies of clothing manufacture.

Towards a New Fashion Era
The BRICS plus Fashion Summit isn’t just a meeting; it’s a manifesto for change. It’s about creating a democratic, sustainable, and inclusive fashion industry. It envisions a space where global collaboration, responsible production, and individuality reign supreme.

BRICS plus Fashion is more than just a style statement; it’s a resolute effort to weave together fashion, historical heritage, ecological considerations, and personal philosophies. The future of fashion is now, and it’s a blend of cultures, craftsmanship, and conscious choices.

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