Is Xoom Secure? Complete Manual

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With Xoom, you can send money to bank accounts, debit cards, and cash swiftly and easily anywhere in the globe. Is Xoom secure, though? What security features of Xoom can you anticipate to show that your money is secure?

This article discusses Xoom safety precautions, licensing, and where to acquire further information regarding Xoom user experiences so you may read what previous users have to say.

How Secure Is Xoom While Sending Money Abroad?

As long as you follow standard, common sense security precautions, using Xoom for international money transfers is secure.

Being a PayPal firm, Xoom has the support of one of the top payment service providers in the world. PayPal licenses³, including state licenses in the US⁴, and authorizations from various authorities and regulators, such the UK’s FCA, allow Xoom to function.


This implies that all payments must be conducted in accordance with tight guidelines. To keep users safe, Xoom also employs encryption and round-the-clock fraud monitoring. Because of their extreme confidence, they provide a money-back guarantee in the unlikely event that your cash is not received.

Recognizing The Security Architecture of Xoom

Security was a priority when building Xoom. This indicates that the service’s architecture and operation incorporate a number of security measures. Let’s review some of the most crucial details.

What Safeguards Does Xoom Put In Place To Secure User Information?

Customer data is safeguarded by Xoom using 128-bit data security encryption, and any information that is saved is safeguarded electronically and physically behind firewalls on secure servers5.

Xoom is a VeriSign-secured website that encrypts user data before sending it over the internet using a VeriSign SSL Certificate. That implies that anytime Xoom stores or transmits your data, it should be secure.

In order to identify and address weaknesses, Xoom also conducts routine audits and inspections, and before any employee begins employment, they must all pass a background investigation that covers both financial and criminal history.

Xoom’s User Authentication Protocols

In addition to setting up two factor authentication and a strong password that you must keep private, creating a Xoom account requires these steps.

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With an additional degree of protection provided by two factor authentication, only you can access your Xoom account. You might be required to input a security code in order to access your account.


One of your registered contact addresses, such as your email address, will have received this code. To proceed, you must access your email and input the code; so, only an individual with access to both your Xoom and email accounts may access your account.

Xoom’s Safety Features : Protecting Your Transactions

Xoom also makes a lot of effort to shield users from fraud and con artists. Regretfully, thieves do attempt to obtain money from gullible and defenseless victims by focusing on services such as Xoom.

Xoom has put in place a number of safety measures and fraud monitoring procedures to stop this.

Fraud Prevention and Monitoring

Xoom advises against sending money on behalf of others and only responds to or sends money to persons you know and trust in order to help avoid fraud6.

The USA Patriot Act, the Bank Secrecy Act, and other laws and regulations require Xoom to follow proprietary compliance and anti-fraud policies and processes.

This implies that Xoom will keep an eye on all transactions in order to identify any unusual activity, such as possibly fraudulent transfers or unauthorized account use.

Policies For Refunds and Settlements

Xoom has a thorough return policy. Refunds are guaranteed in the event that the recipient of your payment does not receive it. In the event that fraud occurs, Xoom may also issue a complete refund.

Remember that if you have used your account for purposes that are not permitted by the customer agreements, or if you have not taken the necessary precautions to safeguard your account, refunds may not be granted and will be the subject of an inquiry.

Are Xoom Transactions Reversible and Traceable?

Transactions through Xoom may only be terminated if they haven’t arrived at their intended location. In reality, Xoom transactions cannot be canceled, tracked, or reversed because many of them only take a few minutes to finish once you click “confirm.”

To cancel a Xoom payment after you’ve made one, go into your account and navigate to the activity list. Locate the transaction that you wish to cancel, then click the cancel icon if it is there.


The money has already left the account and cannot be halted or reversed if the cancel symbol isn’t displayed on the screen.

How does Xoom respond to security problems and data breaches?

Should you believe that someone has accessed your account without permission, you need to send an email to [email protected]. Xoom will safeguard your account and look into the incident.

In the event that your password is stolen and someone uses your account illegally, Xoom may reimburse you for any lost funds.

Reviews of Xoom’s Safety and User Experiences

As long as you abide by the terms of your customer agreement and send money solely to individuals you know, Xoom is a safe service to use. In fact, the company is a certified member of the Better Business Bureau’s online dependability program.

User reviews of Xoom may be found on TrustpilotTM, an online review platform. Xoom has more than 22,000 reviews on Trustpilot. It receives a low grade of 2.2 stars out of 5, however it’s noteworthy to note that 85% of reviewers give it a 5-star rating. The average is lowered by the 8% of reviews that provide only one star.

Good feedback frequently highlight how simple it is to use and how quickly payments are delivered.

Star ratings are frequently linked to security checks that Xoom was required to do, which may have caused payments to be declined altogether or to proceed more slowly. This is annoying, but it’s a requirement for all financial service providers and a crucial step in protecting clients’ funds.

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