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Setting fitness objectives increases motivation. However, when you aim too high and without a well-defined strategy, such objectives may easily become daunting and discouraging, particularly if you’re not seeing the results you had hoped for.


Using the S.M.A.R.T. system, a five-step strategy that can help you stay focused and on track, can help you avoid feeling overwhelmed while creating objectives. The abbreviation represents the following criteria: time-based, relevant, quantifiable, attainable, and specified. If your objectives don’t fall into those categories, you might need to reconsider how practical they are and think about making some adjustments.

You’ll have established a route that will enable you to accomplish even the most ambitious objectives such as the nine we’ve listed by the end of the year if you’ve succeeded in locking and loading your goals into the S.M.A.R.T. formula.

Reduce Your Total Body Fat by 5%

Time and careful calorie counting are two essential components in this case.

According to Mike Lipowski, a professional natural pro bodybuilder and the proprietor of Pure Physique Gym in Shrub Oak, New York, as well as the author of Pure Physique: The most effective method to Expand Fat-Misfortune and Solid Turn of events, “you likely won’t drop that much muscle to fat ratio in a little while.”


“First discover your calorie and macronutrient prerequisites, and afterward put forth a sensible objective for yourself, for example, losing one to two pounds each week.” The fast way might appear to be an accident diet to you Misleading.

 They may slow down your metabolism, damage your heart, and deprive you of vital nutrients. See a nutritionist instead, or use a tool on the internet to find out your approximate calorie intake and basal metabolic rate (BMR).

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“You can similarly monitor your advancement with pictures,” he suggests. “Someone presumably won’t feel like they’re making any progress week to week, but pictures show an observable differentiation and help someone with swearing off feeling discouraged or like they’re moving excessively relaxed toward their target when they’re truly moving at the best rate.”

Increase Your 1RM for Bench and Squats by 10 Pounds.

It will require a lot of practice to do this.

According to Lipowski, if you work out on the bench and squat twice a week, the first session should be a standard strength program with high weight and few repetitions to build power, and the second should focus on perfecting the movement’s technique rather than pushing yourself to the limit. Additionally, he advises reducing training demands in other domains so that Strength training focuses on the bench and squat.


“Finding wobbly spots in the advancements should be the point of convergence of the less-outrageous activity,” he continues. “After that, to create the stimulation required to bring those areas up, you’ll want to use techniques like negatives, forced reps, static holds, and splitting the range of motion (ROM) in half.”

It has been demonstrated that static holds, in which the weight is maintained in one spot for a short while, increase total muscle mass. Static holds have been shown to enhance both dynamic and static strength as well as muscle mass in a 10-week research.

Carry Five Pounds of Trim Muscle

Over the course of a year, building this much lean muscle shouldn’t be too difficult for committed novices.

According to Lipowski, all you really need to do when you first start out is go to the gym, lift weights correctly, and be consistent. Even the greatest natural bodybuilders don’t gain more than one or two pounds of lean muscle in a year, which is something that intermediate and expert lifters need to understand.

To put it another way, doing this will need persistence as well as innovative and inventive training techniques.

For a two-week period, Lipowski suggests doing a “blitz,” in which you double your volume and frequency of exercise and add in other elements you might not typically use, such as zone training, forced reps, negatives, or basically anything that will push your body beyond its comfort zone. Reduce activities after two weeks to give the body time to heal. Attempt a blitz twice a year.

Increase Your Vertical Jump by 2 Inches

You’ll need to develop your jumping technique in addition to building up the muscles used in the actual jump.


Lipowski advises, “Analyze your jump form and find ways to engage more muscles so you can move with greater force with each jump.” “Doing intense resistance exercises, such as the leg press, squat, and calf and glute-ham raises, will build strength.” Make it a daily goal to practice jumping and focus on perfecting the form of the explosive action.

Increase Your Biceps by 1 Inch

Consider going through a phase of specialization.

For a duration of two to three weeks, concentrate just on your biceps, neglecting the rest of your body. This can be done once or twice a year.


You’ll need to introduce various forms of stimulation until the muscle is exhausted.

This can involve adjusting reps and sets (supersets, trisets, gigantic sets), adjusting weight levels, adjusting angles, and utilizing more complex exercises like forced reps and negatives.

Add 2 Inches to Your Calves

It will basically require you to adhere to the same rules as if you were growing your biceps by one inch.

In addition to attempting the previously described strategies of altering resistance and angles, Lipowski suggests splitting the action in two and striking the upper and lower halves of the calve, respectively

Eat 30 Different Foods per Week

Eating a wider range of clean, healthful meals can help you stay energized, break boredom, and make sure you’re getting enough vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to support your body’s faster recovery after demanding exercise.

A simple method to accomplish this is to prepare two vibrant salads per week. Make sure each has a variety of fruits, vegetables, and meats.

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