iPhone 15 Pro Max vs Pixel 8 Pro vs Galaxy S24 Ultra : The Best 3 Flagships Compared

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Samsung’s latest flagship, the Galaxy S24 Ultra, has finally made its debut. For those of you who are debating which flagship phone to buy, the options on the market today could not be more appealing. The iPhone 15 Pro Max, Pixel 8 Pro and Galaxy S24 Ultra are unquestionably three of the most desirable smartphones available right now.

However, with more options comes tougher decision-making: which one should you choose? Here, we’ll direct you through the choice interaction.

Design and Display

Starting with the outside, none of these three phone models go overboard with design, instead presenting clean, minimalistic aesthetics. They have also been able to develop quick visual recognition for their back camera modules through innovative marketing and branding. The crucial yet unquestionable floating camera central focuses yell “Samsung!” to clients. And, of course, the iPhone’s unique triple camera array in a flowery design is unmistakably Apple.

iPhone 15 Pro Max

Be that as it may, there are a few clear qualifications. The System S24 Ultra is intended to for pointer use and subsequently has a squarish plan that expands the screen land you get. The telephone likewise includes an enormous 6.8-inch show, the greatest out of the three, and resultantly is the most stretched out, thickest, and heaviest out of the three.

In the mean time, the Pixel 8 Ace and iPhone 15 Pro Max have fundamentally the same as aspects with their 6.7-inch shows. Eventually, the Pixel 8 Ace comes up on top in conditions of close by solace thanks to adjusted edges and a load of 213 grams versus the boxier and heavier plan of the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

As far as materials, it’s actually quite significant that both the Galaxy S24 Ultra and iPhone 15 Pro Max include super tough titanium amalgam outlines, while the Pixel 8 Genius sticks with the more customary yet at the same time sturdy aluminum synthesis. Titanium is notable for its unequaled strength, however as a general rule, the distinction may not really be recognizable during normal ordinary use. For the people who focus in plain view size over all else, the Cosmic system S24 Ultra is the unmistakable champion decision, as it offers the most elevated pixel thickness out of the three models, and can likewise impact out a tremendously stunning pinnacle brilliance of up to 2600 nits.


In spite of the System Galaxy S24 Ultra being equipped with perhaps of the quickest portable processor right now accessible, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, it actually can’t compare to the force of the A17 Ace chip coordinated into the iPhone 15 Pro Max. From engineered benchmarks to genuine utilization, the A17 Ace processor essentially runs pitiless laps around Qualcomm’s silicon, thanks by and large to Apple’s upward incorporated programming and equipment enhancements from the chip level as far as possible up to the working framework.

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The Google Tensor G3 used by the Pixel 8 Expert arrives in a far off third spot out of the three with regards to handling muscle. In everyday use, you may not see a very remarkable contrast, but rather with regards to gaming, most designers still vigorously focus on improvement for the iPhone and Qualcomm chipsets alone, frequently leaving some other processors with inferior execution.


Regardless of pressing in a perceptibly more modest estimated 4,441 mAh battery contrasted with the thick 5,050 mAh and 5,000 mAh units found in the Pixel 8 Master and Galaxy S24 Ultra models separately, the iPhone 15 Pro Max actually figures out how to end up as the winner concerning power proficiency and in general battery duration.

iPhone 15 Pro Max

Albeit the Galaxy S24 Ultra has not yet been freely tried, last year’s model recommends we can anticipate one more very close matchup between the iPhone 15 Pro Max and S24 Ultra. The Pixel 8 Master anyway is kept down by its Tensor G3 chip which is known for running more sweltering than the opposition and depleting valuable juice.


Calling a conclusive champ here is an extreme call, despite the fact that on paper the S24 Ultra seems to win with regards to equipment specs, thanks to a great extent to its 200MP fundamental focal point. Samsung’s “Space Zoom” framework on the S24 Ultra might in fact trim into a crazy 100x zoom range. You’d be unable to find this remarkable zoom usefulness on some other leader telephone sold in India today (with the exemption maybe being the Vivo X100).

iPhone 15 Pro Max

Past this, for videography, the iPhone actually remains ruler, while the Pixel 8 Ace appears to be more purpose on being the handyman flexible camera framework.

AI Features

The tech business is fixated on generative computer based intelligence. As a matter of fact, Samsung’s send off of the Galaxy S24 series was about ‘System simulated intelligence’. The S24 Ultra packs clever computer based intelligence camera apparatuses like Generative Alter, which fills in foundation subtleties utilizing man-made intelligence. In the mean time, the Pixel 8 Professional athletics an Enchanted Eraser to eliminate objects from photographs and supplant them with created pixels. It additionally has Zoom Upgrade to make zoomed shots more sensible.

Basically the S24 and Pixel 8 offer comparable quantities of simulated intelligence photograph devices. What’s more, with a comfortable Samsung-Google organization, the two telephones with time might pull highlights from one another. Conversely, the iPhone 15 Pro Max, regardless of its competent man-made intelligence chip, has not very many generative man-made intelligence highlights. The iPhone offers helpful voice detachment for calls and new iOS record highlights. In any case, contrasted with the S24 and Pixel 8, Apple is adopting a more limited strategy to conveying generative man-made intelligence in its gadgets.

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