Who is Helen Harrison? The companion of Peter Bone participating in the Wellingborough by-election

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In February, the Conservatives will compete in three difficult by elections, the most prominent of which being the Wellingborough by-election in Northamptonshire. Following the disgraced former MP Peter Bone’s retirement, the local Conservative Party has chosen Helen Harrison, his spouse, to run in his stead.
A watchdog study into Wellingborough’s former MP, Peter Bone, resulted in a six-week suspension from Parliament last year. He still disputes the independent panel’s findings that he harassed and indecently exposed himself to a staff worker.

Ms. Harrison, who told the BBC that she thought the panel “got it wrong,” has defended her boyfriend. The former physical therapist maintains that voters have not brought up the matter at the door and that she is “proud” to have Mr. Bone accompany her on the campaign trail.
After the MP was suspended, the people of Wellingborough supported a recall petition, which received the signatures of 13.2% of the electorate, which was needed to call for a byelection. Mr. Bone and Ms. Harrison have both insisted that this outcome does not accurately represent the opinions of the majority in the region.

The Political Career of Helen Harrison

Ms. Harrison is a licensed physiotherapist who has long been an active Conservative supporter. She was a director of Grassroots Out, a cross-party Brexit movement supported by Nigel Farage and sponsored by rich UKIP supporter Aaron Banks, alongside her boyfriend Peter Bone.

Helen Harrison

The group faced criticism despite not being chosen to be the official lead Leave campaign, which was also sponsored by Mr. Banks. It was said that the group’s existence allowed the Leave campaign to circumvent stringent spending regulations set forth by the Electoral Commission. ” Unlike the Remain campaign, we won’t try to rush this crucial choice on England’s future,” Mr. Bone responded at the time.

Mr. Bone revealed his connection with Ms. Harrison, who was 45 at the time, in 2018. He was 65 at the time. “My spouse and I have been living apart for over two years, and during that time I have developed a relationship with Helen Harrison,” stated Mr. Bone.

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When it became known that Ms. Harrison had worked as Mr. Bone’s senior parlimentary assistant since June 2017, their connection came under investigation. His wife Jennie Bone, whom he frequently mentioned in addresses to parliament, was working for him at the time as his executive secretary. Public funds would be used to pay for both positions.

What does Helen Harrison stand for?

The policy platform that Ms. Helen Harrison is running on mirrors the government’s message.
After being chosen, Ms. Harrison stated, “I want to assist deliver for the residents of Wellingborough and Rushden, as we continue to focus on their objectives.” These goals were “halting the boats, halving inflation, boosting the economy, decreasing debt, and slashing waiting lines.”

Helen Harrison

Ms. Helen Harrison faced out against Labour’s Dennis Skinner for the Bolsover seat in 2017, but she was defeated by more than 5,000 votes. In the general election of 2019, Mark Fletcher of the Conservatives won the seat from Labour.
Ms. Harrison was the Executive Member for Adults, Health, and Wellbeing while serving as a municipal councillor for North Northamptonshire; she resigned from this role after being elected. She is still a councillor for the Oundle ward.

Who is running against Helen Harrison in Wellingborough?

In the 2019 Wellingborough by-election, 11 candidates are competing; the Conservatives received 62 percent of the vote. To win, Labour would need to swing 17.9 percent of the vote, which is less than the margin of their three previous victories in by-elections in Tamworth, Selby & Ainsty, and Mid Bedfordshire.

The 28-year-old Gen Kitchen, a former volunteer, is her opponent from Labour. Following her nomination, Ms. Kitchen made the following statement: “I know the people of Wellingborough feel embarrassed by their MP’s actions and abandoned and neglected by this Tory government.”

Helen Harrison

The claims that Mr. Bone had threatened his old party with an independent candidacy in the district if she wasn’t chosen have also been addressed by Ms. Helen Harrison:“The real issue is that individuals from within the party reached out to us, suggesting that Peter may step down prior to the recall petition being launched and that I should be considered for the position of nominee in the end. Peter approved the recall petition after we rejected that choice.

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